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Great plants

Came in good condition and is flourishing in my tank.

Aquario Neo Flow
Simon Phommarath (US)
Can use improvement

Pros: Looks great, the construction is ok (it's fragile, which is kinda normal)

Cons: The Neo holder screw hole is very badly made. The instruction specify to not use tool, but it was impossible to screw in the 3 out of 4 holes without tools because of how bad the holes were. This causes more chances of breaking the holder (which happened to me). It might sound nitpicky, but remember the price you pay for this. It is very expensive so I expect almost perfect quality.

Rod Brittain (CA)

This plant looks better than the pictures suggest, and is growing well.

Yan Gagnon (CA)
Belle plante d'avant plant

Plante fraîche en parfaite santé..elle a commencé a bullé avec le co2 après seulement quelques hrs en eau !après maintenant une semaine elle commence à se développer et se propager ! Première expérience avec cette variété et comme petite plante d'avant plant elle semble plus rapide et moin capricieuses que beaucoup d'autres!

Yanick Gianesin Sarrazin (CA)
Beautiful and healthy

Beautiful and healthy

Plant died

Plant melted away after a few days. I have no idea why as all my other plants prior to this order are doing well. I may just no buy plants online anymore.

Very satisfied and pleased. Especially surprised by the added gift. Was much appreciated!!

Plant died.

I received the plant in what looked like good condition. The plant died however after a few days. It just melted away. I have no idea why. I've had my tank for 3 months now and I have a number of plants in there that are doing great.

Unable to give proper feedback.

The plants were really cold when I got them. They all died 1 week after I got them. Not sure the cause as all my other plants are doing well.

Dennerle Shrimp Cube 2.5g Tank only

Eleocharis acicularis
Samuel Gagnon (CA)
Première expérience

C'était ma première expérience avec sous l'eau. Ils m'ont offert un service à la clientèle irréprochable, au delà de ce que nous connaissons aujourd'hui.
Je demeure en région rurale et ma commande est arrivé en parfaite condition (livraison garantie).
Les plantes sont d'un bon format et en bonne santé.
Je recommande à 100%.

Great plant! Easily divided. I’ve split it in 5 pieces.

Styrofoam box
Michel Champagne (CA)
Super service.

L'arrivée sur place fut très smooth! Vendeur courtois et très sympathique a pris le temps de répondre à mes questions et de me servir. Et même si je suis allé sur place cherché mes crevettes cette boite en styrofoam a gardé mes animaux au chaud durant mes 1:30hr de voiture et on m'a même fourni un pad chauffant sans frais!

Oase Biomaster 350
Fannie Rondou (CA)
Très contente de ma commande

Bon service, tout c’est très bien passé, je vais recommander à cet endroit.


Commande livraison de HEMIANTHUS CALLITRICHOIDES 'CUBA'. Très belle plante, super qualité, reçue en excellent état!

Hygrophila corymbosa Compact
Isabelle Martel (CA)

Hygrophila corymbosa Compact

Pagoda Rock

Colouration of the Pagoda stone doesn't match what Pagoda stone looks like. Not a light colouration but Dark, I wouldn't order from Sousleau again.

Patrick Durocher (CA)


Jaydee Dane Ramos (CA)
Excellent service and wide variety of plant options to choose from

Plants were shipped and labeled properly. I was surprised they included a bag of extra plant cuttings. Thank you so much! Will definitely order again!!

Michael Snelgrove (CA)

Les plantes sont belles

Micro Pellets
Sophie Hatin (CA)
Micro pellets

Excellent pour mes tétras.

Love my plants

It’s always a risk ordering from a company that I don’t know but I’m really glad I took the risk. The plants are beautiful and the selection was a mix of different varieties of plants and I love that. Love also the idea of a mystery box. Would definitely buy again


Bulb arrived in great shape, however now that's its started growing it isn't the variety it's supposed to be, I believe it's an aponogeton boivinianus, which is equally as nice of a plant, just not quite what I was looking for. But still very happy with the plant

Monkey Pot
Ben Nguyen (CA)
Monkey pot

C est superbe pour mon aquarium

Beautiful and healthy plant

I'm very happy with my cryptocoryne lutea 'hobbit'. It's bigger than I was expecting and very healthy. It's already starting to put out new leaves.

Sous L'eau also threw in a handful of root fertilizer tabs which was a lovely surprise.