Anubias barteri

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Anubias barteri

Plant information 
Growth height: 0 - 40 cm
Ph: 5 to 9
Temperature: 22-28
Family: Araceae
Hardness: 0 - 30 degree
Light demand: Low light demand
CO2:  Low 
Brand: Dennerle plants



Anubias barteri from Dernnerle plants are very slow-growing marsh plants suited to shady areas. Strong lighting does them no good in the long term. Anubias barteri is a highly variable plant with varying numbers of generally large leaves. With its dark green, slightly tough leaves it is often used in cichlid aquaria. In the wild, Anubias barteri grow in shaded to semi-shaded locations in fast-flowing rivers and streams; sometimes emersed, growing on stones or logs, and sometimes semi-emersed.

Color of drop checker
Blue: CO2 under 20 mg/L
Geen: CO2 at 30 mg/L
Yellow: CO2 at 40 mg/L

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