Delivery Policy for Freshwater Fish, Shrimp, and Aquatic Plants

Delivery Conditions for November to April

Delivery Guarantee:


For deliveries made between November and April, different guarantees are offered depending on the delivery service chosen by the customer. However, it is imperative that the customer selects the polystyrene box option in the cart before payment. Without this box, none of the following guarantees will be valid, and no protection against the cold can be assured.

FedEx Standard Overnight (1 day): If the customer is eligible for free shipping, this option will be automatically selected. With this method, delivery is guaranteed the next day, and a 100% guarantee is offered to the customer. In case of delivery issues, a full refund will be issued, excluding shipping costs. This guarantee is valid only if the polystyrene box is selected.

FedEx Economy or FedEx 2Days: A 50% guarantee is offered to the customer. In case of delivery issues, a refund equivalent to 50% of the total order cost will be issued, excluding shipping costs.

FedEx Ground or $25.00 Service with 5 to 9 Days Transit: No guarantee is offered for these services. Customers who choose these options do so at their own risk, and no refund will be offered in case of delivery issues.

Important Note:

Please note that delivery guarantees only cover delivery issues and do not apply to problems caused by extreme weather conditions, customer order errors, or delays beyond our control.

Delivery and Fees


Delivery Zones: We deliver our freshwater fish, shrimp, and aquatic plants throughout Canada. Please note that an additional fee may be added for deliveries to rural areas, identified by postal codes containing zeros, such as G0V 0S0.

Delivery Fees: Delivery fees will be calculated at the time of order based on the total weight of fish, shrimp, and plants, as well as the delivery distance. Customers in rural areas may be subject to additional delivery fees. These fees will be communicated to the customer after the order has been placed. Once the customer is informed of the additional fees, an adjustment invoice will be sent to confirm and pay these fees to continue with the order processing.

Delivery Conditions for Customers Benefiting from a Guarantee


To ensure the health and well-being of freshwater fish, shrimp, and aquatic plants during delivery, please consider the following conditions:

Delivery in One Go: Ensure that delivery is made in one go.

Outdoor Time Limit: The package should not remain outdoors for more than 1 hour after delivery. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can compromise the health of fish, shrimp, and plants.

Problem Notification: Upon opening the package, carefully inspect its contents. If a fish is deceased or a plant is in poor condition, please take a photo and send an email to promptly. We will assist you with any questions or issues encountered.

Shipping Schedule: Our shipments are sent out exclusively on Mondays of each week to avoid any carrier-related delays or unforeseen weather conditions. This allows Sousleau to have other working days available for shipping, if necessary.

These conditions apply only to customers benefiting from a delivery guarantee. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Sousleau Teams