Riccia fluitans In-Vitro


Cultivated under sterile conditions, ensuring the following: 

  • No pest infestations or pathogens
  • Guaranteed algae free
  • No snails, or snail eggs
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Riccia fluitans In-Vitro

Plant information 
Growth height: 0 - 5 cm
Ph: 5 - 7 
Temperature: 18 - 28 degree
Family: Ricciaceae
Water hardness: 0 - 20 degree
Light demand:  high light
CO2:   high



Floating liverwort is well-documented around the world, and floats on the surface or inhabits moist substrate. Takashi Amano was the first to popularise this floating moss as an aquarium plant. He adds Riccia as a foreground plant to many of his designs. It is very easy to cultivate and care for: attach the cushions to rocks or logs to provide a solid base on which to grow. Maintain compact growth by trimming the light green branches with scissors every so often. CO2 supplementation significantly increases growth.

Color of drop checker
Blue: CO2 under 20 mg/L
Geen: CO2 at 30 mg/L
Yellow: CO2 at 40 mg/L

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