Phllyanthus fluitans 'red roots'

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Phllyanthus fluitans 'red roots'

  • Genus: Phllyanthus
  • Species: fluitans
  • Family: Euphorbiacae
  • Native to: Neotropical zone of mexico to upper half of south america.
  • Area/Height: Water surface
  • Ph: 5 to 7 
  • Water hardness: Soft water (low hard minerals) is preferred
  • CO2: None require as they consume atmospheric CO2
  • Propagation: Fragmentation/Division of daughter plantlets from mother plant.


A 6500k-8000k, average photoperiod of 8-9 hours. The success for red colourations is to have a RGB full spectrum led light with a high par data sheet.


68 F - 71 F /  20 C - 22 C, the water temperature can be lower if your room is around 20-24 C (average canadian home through summer) to allow evaporation of droplets on plant surface.


Rapid when stable, Slow when constantly disturbed