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Dennerle Plants

Pogostemon helferi In-Vitroo

Pogostemon helferi In-Vitroo

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Pogostemon helferi

Plant information 
Growth height: 0 - 10 cm
Ph: 6 - 8 
Temperature: 10 - 26 degree
Family: Lamiaceae
Water hardness: 0 - 30 degree
Light demand: Medium to high light
CO2:  Low to high



Although scientists have been aware of this plant for a long time, aquatics hobbyists only discovered it a few years ago. With highly decorative, rippled leaves it is probably one of the most beautiful foreground plants available. What first appears to be a rosette plant is actually a heavily compressed stem plant. If you create the ideal conditions, Pogostemon helferi will produce a fantastic cushion for you: good to strong light, temperatures around 25°C, medium-hard water. Under these conditions the leaves are a lush green.