Platinum AquaSoil - For Planted Tanks



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Platinum AquaSoil - For Planted Tanks 

Japanese Translation: 100% Japanese natural black ash soil. Maintains a soft water environment that is ideal for breeding aquatic plants and fish for a long time. The buffering power of the soil can absorb pigment leached by driftwood, the phosphates that lead to algae, etc. is adsorbed by the power of the natural soil. 

● Platinum Soil stays intact yet buffers strongly, unlike common aquasoils

● Buffers water to 6.2-6.5

● Strong water clarifying property will buffer water for over a year when using RO

● Active substrate by removing harmful KH (carbonate ion) from water


Bag Sizes:

8 Liter bag – 16 lbs of substrate

3 Liter bag – 6 lbs of substrate

Grain Sizes:

Normal: Particle size 3.0mm-5.0mm

Powder: Particle size 1.6mm-3.0mm


Platinum has a stronger buffer than most soils, with a high concentration of micro, macro elements and potassium.

For shrimp, it is recommended to use RO water only and prepare the aquarium before adding invertebrates:

- Week 1: 50% water change every 2 days
- Week 2: 50% water change every 4 days
- Week  3: 50% change every 6 days
- Week 4: 50% water change every 7 days
- Week 5: Addition of invertebrates