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Platinum AquaSoil - For Planted Tanks

Platinum AquaSoil - For Planted Tanks

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Platinum AquaSoil - For Planted Tanks 

AquaSoil is designed to provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing environment for plants and aquatic life, while also providing nutrients and encouraging healthy plant growth. AquaSoil is a type of soil-based substrate that is composed of a mixture of peat, coconut coir, and other organic materials. It is usually used in planted aquariums and terrariums, and can be mixed with other types of substrates such as gravel or sand to create a custom planting environment. AquaSoil is known for its ability to maintain a stable pH and provide essential nutrients to plants, and its texture makes it easy for plant roots to establish and grow.

Japanese Translation: 100% Japanese natural black ash soil. Maintains a soft water environment that is ideal for breeding aquatic plants and fish for a long time. The buffering power of the soil can absorb pigment leached by driftwood, the phosphates that lead to algae, etc. is adsorbed by the power of the natural soil. 

● Platinum Soil stays intact yet buffers strongly, unlike common aquasoils

● Buffers water to 6.2-6.5

● Strong water clarifying property will buffer water for over a year when using RO

● Active substrate by removing harmful KH (carbonate ion) from water


Bag Sizes:

8 Liter bag – 16 lbs of substrate

3 Liter bag – 6 lbs of substrate

Grain Sizes:

Normal: Particle size 3.0mm-5.0mm

Powder: Particle size 1.6mm-3.0mm


Platinum has a stronger buffer than most soils, with a high concentration of micro, macro elements and potassium.

For shrimp, it is recommended to use RO water only and prepare the aquarium before adding invertebrates:

- Week 1: 50% water change every 2 days
- Week 2: 50% water change every 4 days
- Week  3: 50% change every 6 days
- Week 4: 50% water change every 7 days
- Week 5: Addition of invertebrates 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Caroline (CA)
Another review after 3 months

Tank and substrate review update after 3 months. Red plants have good color and all roots look great! Haven't started root tabs yet, but I do use liquid fertilizer 3 times a week. The substrate grains are pretty hard and don't crumble easily.

Caroline (CA)
Nice substrate, doesn't crumble, plants like it

I used this substrate (both sizes) setting up a standard 29 gallons tank witth CO2. Picture is after 3 weeks. Plants seem to like it a lot. Red plants are very dark, and roots grow quickly. Only downside is that it's rather light, so it's difficult for plants to hold in it for the first days before the roots start growing.