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Dennerle All in one

Dennerle All in one

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Ideal during the start-up phase of every aquarium


  • The easy-care for all aquaria, ideal for beginners with a 54 litre aquarium (60 cm)
  • With 12 carefully coordinated active components:
    carbon, iron, plant nutrients, nutrient stabilisers, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, herbal extracts, aloe vera, dexpanthenol, iodine, filter-booster
  • For vibrantly coloured fish and shrimp, green plants and clear, healthy water
  • Visible results within weeks
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for the Dosator

Each aquarium is a complex biological system, whose elements depend and interact on each other. Fish, plants, water, lighting, aquarium bed – everything interacts. Therefore, you must always consider an aquarium as a whole complex in order to understand it.
The goal of every aquarist is to create a natural balance.An Aquarium in balance is easy  to handle and stabilises itself.  The fish show vibrant colours and are active, the plants are lush and vigorous, the water looks clear and healthy. To achieve this state, a gapless supply of vital elements is required. Scientists know: if there is even only one single nutrient missing, plants grow poorly. And poorly growing plants immediately promote algae growth.

Against this background and with more than 50 years of know-how in the cultivation of aquarium plants as well as a deep understanding of the biological relationships, Dennerle invented a new and complete care elixier: All in One! Elixier. It supplies the aquarium with 12 carefully coordinated active components: carbon, iron, plant nutrients, nutrient stabiliser, amino acid, vitamins, trace elements, herbal extracts, aloe vera, dexpanthenol, iodine, filter-booster.

Each active complex supports the natural metabolic processes and cycles in its own way, directly and indirectly. Synergistic effects help the ecosystem aquarium to help itself. Based on a regular use, the positive effects are visible within a few weeks. With All in One! Elixier the care of modern aquaria becomes much easier. Thus, the little piece of nature in one‘s four walls can be enjoyed even more relaxedly. The aquarium in balance with healthy fish and shrimp, magnificent plants and clear water.

Das neue All in One! Elixier | Die Aquarium Einfach-Pflege | DENNERLE

Item no. Product name
2848 All in One! Elixier 100 ml
2849 All in One Elixier! 250 ml
2850 All in One! Elixier 500 ml

    20 ml per 100 litres aquarium water, weekly. Do not overdose!

    Dosage/application with the Dosator:

    All in One! Elixier is suitable for the Dosator:
    One fill (10 ml) per 50 litre aquarium water weekly.

    Aquarium size All in One! Elixier 100 ml All in One! Elixier 250 ml All in One! Elixier 500 ml

    Sufficient for

    50 L 10 weeks 25 weeks 50 weeks 100 ml AiO = 500 L
    100 L   12 weeks 25 weeks 250 ml AiO = 1.250 L
    200 L     12 weeks 500 ml AiO = 2.500 L



    Carbon is the most important nutrient for aquarium plants. Around 40 per cent of the plant‘s dry matter is made of it. Carbon (carbon dioxide) is usually in short supply in an aquarium. The consequences: the plants starve and grow poorly. Caused by the decreased resilience it is easy for algae to settle down on the leaves. Even the production of oxygen is reduced – to the detriment of the fish.

    All in One! Elixier supplies all aquarium plants with readily available carbon, quickly and effectively.Stem plants, mosses, ferns, anubias, echinodorus and cryptocorynes become fuller and stronger. The leaves become considerably larger and the colours more intense. The lush, healthy grow increases their  competitive power over algae. They produce more oxgen for the fish. The entire aquarium appears healthier and more beautiful.

    All in One! Elixier offers the simplest method of carbon supply. Plants can absorb the containing carbon compounds via the leaves and use them as building material or energy carrier. The product can also be used in combination with conventional CO2 fertiliser systems for an additional promotion of the plant growth.



    Due to its functional components of many important enzyms, iron is of crucial importance for all aquarium plants. Enyzms are biocatalysts in the plants metabolism . For example, in the production of leaf greens (chlorophyll), iron is involved in three different ways as a cofactor. Without chlorophyll, plants cannot photosynthesize, which means that they cannot gain any energy to grow. Iron deficiency leads to yellow leaves. It is first visible on the youngest leaves, e.g. stem plants at the tip of the shoots ; rosette plants at the heart leaves.
    Important to know: plants can only take up so-called bivalent iron (II). Trivalent, oxidized iron (Fe3+) is not available for aquarium plants and therefore worthless. Tap water contains virtually no iron. It is extracted from the water as a part of the water treatment, so that it can not form deposits in the pipes. To avoid any deposits in the pipes iron gets removed by water treatment. Aquarium plants are therefore dependent on a regular and constant fertilisation with iron.

    All in One! Elixier supplies all aquarium plants with immediately available bivalent iron.  Just as grape sugar goes straight into the blood in humans, this iron can be directly absorbed by the plant.   For fresh, rich, green and intensively radiant colours. It also intensifies red and brown leaf colourings  and enhances attractive leaf markings. Symptoms of deficiency such as yellow, translucent leaves are mostly cured; young leaves become lush again. Photosynthesis and growth are sustainably promoted.



    For a strong and healthy growth, aquarium plants need approximately 20 different kinds of nutrients. These nutrients have a plenty of important functions in the plant metabolism. They are mostly a part of enzyms. There is even only one single nutrient missing, plants grow poorly.  Visible consequences: poor growth and small or crippled, pale, yellow, translucent or even dying leaves.
    Algae begin to settle down on weakened plants.

    There is a very special situation in the aquarium: some nutrients brought in by fish food, are present in excess while other nutrients are consumed immediately or are completely missing. A lack of nutrients in the aquarium is not only affecting the plants but the entire biological balance. Whenever aquarium plants grow poorly, annoying algae use their chance and suddenly multiply massively. Even a lack of one (!) element can lead to algae blooms.

    All in One! Elixier supplies aquarium plants with all the nutrients they need for powerful, lush growth like potassium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, sulphur, boron, nickel, cobalt, lithium and vanadium. Particular importance was placed on the biological balance of the nutrients.
    The nutrient ratios are carefully selected, so the nutrients get absorbed by the plants at about the same proportions. Even in case of a long-term, regular use, it can not lead to adverse enrichment of individual nutrients.

    All nutrients and building materials are immediately absorbable in a plant active manner. All in One! Elixier balances nutrient gaps, strengthens the plant from the inside and counters stagnant growth.  Symptoms of deficiency are permanently eliminated.



    Most of the aquarium plants can absorb the nutriens only in a very specific chemical form. Some of them tend to react with other substances in the water and therefore become useless.
    Iron and manganese can only be absorbed by plant in bivalent form (FE²+, Mn²+).
    Caused by the reaction with oxygen, which is always present in the aquarium water and which the fish need to breathe, they oxidise into the trivalent form.  The trivalent form is virtually insoluble and precipitates. Trivalent iron is also known as rust.
    Researches have shown, that the sludge in the filter mainly consists of a high amount of precipitated iron and manganese. Some filters are veritable „nutrient traps“.

    All in One! Elixier comes with a trick: chelates. Chelates are substances, which create a protection cover around the nutrients and protect them from the reaction of other substances in the water. The term derives from the greek ‚chele‘ which means crabclaw.
    We copied this trick from nature because nature often works with chelates.
    All relevant nutrients in All in One! Elixier are effectively protected in this way. This means in practice: the nutrients in the aquarium are accessible on a long-term base and can be used in the best possible way.



    Amino acids are the natural building blocks from which proteins are composed. The substance group of the proteins plays an essential role in every living organism. Muscles, skin, nervs, inner organs and supporting tissue (in fish: fishbone and fish scales) are mainly made of proteins. In plants, amino acids often work as a storage- and transport molecule for the macronutrient nitrogen.
    Even enzymes, the biocatalyst in the metabolism of all living beings, are made of proteins and ultimately of amino acids.
    Amino acids are found in every organism, from bacteria to plants and animals.
    According to present scientific knowledge, there is no life possible without amino acids.

    Essential amino acids can not be produced by an organism itself, so they have to be absorbed by food. There are about 20 different kinds of amino acids, made of proteins, the so-called „proteinogenic amino acids“: alanin, arginin, asparigine, asparagine acid, cystein, glutamine, glutamic acid, glycine, histidin, isoleucine, leucin, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, serine, threonine, tryptophan, tyrosine and valine. Because of their central importance, they are also called „building blocks of life“.

    All in One! Elixier provides all 20 proteinogenic amino acids in a biological balanced composition for the benefit of fish and plants. It promotes natural microbial growth (biofilm) as valuable supplementary for fish, shrimps and snails. At the same time amino acids support the important work of the filter bacteria – for clear and healthy water.



    Vitamins are considered as the "lubricant" for a healthy metabolism. They mostly serve as co-enzymes in important metabolic processes. Vitamins are essential, which means that the body cannot produce them. An undersupply of vitamins can immediately lead to serious deficiency symptoms.
    The vitality of fish and shrimps decreases, the morbidity increases.  A lack of vitamins causes pale colours, reduced activity and lower life span.

    All in One! Elixier adds a carefully composed vitamin-complex to the aquarium. Vitamin B1, for example, is essential for the function of the nervous system and the energy metabolism. Vitamin B3 plays a key role in the metabolism of protein, fats and carbohydrates. It is important for the regenaration of skin and muscles. Related to the amino acid metabolism, Vitamin B6 works as a co-enzyme in about 100 enzymatic reactions . Vitamin C serves as one of the most meaningful catchers for radicals and antioxidants. It is essential for the biosynthesis of collagen, the most important scaffold protein in the body. Collagen is found in virtually all organs and tissues of the human and animal organism, especially in connective tissue and cartilage.
    It also plays an important role in the immune system.

    The added vitamins support essential body  function of fish and shrimps and help to prevent deficiency symptoms. The balanced vitamin B complex is stress reducing. At the same time, useful filter bacteria are being supported  their development.



    Minerals and trace elements play a central role in many metabolic processes. They are very important, for example, for the muscles, nervous system as well as the osmotic balance in the cells. Deficiency symptoms may arise in the absence of only one element: Fish grow slowly, show little colour and become susceptible to disease. Vitality and life expectancy drops.

    Fish and shrimps take in a major proportion of their vital minerals through their gills. Fish use their highly developed skin system as well. In tap water certain trace elements are often missing because they are not present in the source water or were removed in the context of drinking water treatment. At the same time these biologically valuable substances in the aquarium are constantly consumed.

    All in One! Elixier provides all fish, shrimps, crayfish and other freshwater aquarium inhabitants with a targeted supply of essential minerals, which are not found in tap water or become depleted in the aquarium. It contains all physiological relevant trace elements – from „A“ like Aluminium to „Z“ like zinc. Particular importance was given on the biological balance and the practice-related concentration of the nutrients. Specially for trace elements there is always an optimum. Too less is bad as well as too much. All in One! Elixier promotes health, vitality and radiant colours.
    Diseases caused by a lack of trace elements can be avoided effectively. Useful filter bacteria are supported in their development.



    Herbs have been used by humans since the early days. They serve as food, spices and medicinal herbs. In particular, the use of herbs for the prevention or cure of Illnesses can already be detected in the earliest traditions. During the middle ages, the cultivation took mainly place in monastery gardens.
    Over the centuries  monks have gained a broad knowledge about the use and application of medicinal herbs.

    The term "herb" refers to plants that are used in medicine because of their ingredients and active ingredients. Thousands of different species are used worldwide as medicinal herbs.
    In Germany itself,  more than a hundred herbs are known for their health benefits.

    The substances come from many different chemical groups, for example ethereal oils, tannins, bitter substances, mucilage, glycosides, saponins, flavonoids, coumarins, lignans and phenolic acids. Experts know: there is hardly a disease against which a herb cannot help.

    All in One! Elixier contains a carefully composed mix of selected herbs, in particular: Asian Ginseng (Panax ginseng), mistletoe (Viscum album), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), peppermint (Mentha piperita), blue eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), grapevine (Vitis vinifera), pure chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), hop (Humulus lupulus) and valerian (Valeriana officinalis).
    Based on the experience of the popular medicine , herbs can have an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antiseptic, strengthening, stress-reducing and immune-stimulating effect. All in One! Elixier uses the power of nature for the benefit of aquarium inhabitants.



    Being a succulent, Aloe Vera is a water storing plant which belongs, seen from the botanical side, to the affodill plants. It grows in the hot arid regions in Africa, America, India, Australia and Southern  Europe. Their elongated, stout and up to half a meter long leaves are densely arranged in form of a rosette on the trunk. It becomes up to a meter high.
    As inconspicious as this plant looks, as manifoldly are her positive effects. Its healing effect can be found documented in the records of the ancient Greeks and Romans. But this plant is highly appreciated all around the world. Some of the popular names bear witness to the importance that people attach to the aloe in different cultures, for example "Lily of the Desert" (Africa), "The Dumb Healer" (America) or "Elixir of Life" (Russia).

    All in One! Elixier contains valuable Aloe Vera extracts from the juice of freshly cut leaves. By now there are more than 200 ingredients known, for example: enzyme (amylase, alkaline phosphatase, lipase), amino acids, anthracene, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, mono- and polysaccharides (glucose, mannose, galactose, xylose, glucomannan, acemannan), Glycoproteins, salicylic acid or aloenines. Particular highlights are the natural mucilage, built and made of  D-Glucoses and D-Mannoses.

    Aloe Vera finds use in many applications, for example in the cosmetics and popular medicine.
    Among other things, the active ingredients can be anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, cell-regenerating, skin-conditioning and immunostimulating.
    Especially the natural mucilage substances protect and care for the mucous membrane of the fish – their most important wall against environmental impacts – in a natural way.



    Seen from the chemical side, dexpanthenol is a substance which belongs to the polyols and amids. This connection has long been proven as a therapeutical efficient substance in the cursory treatment of diseases regarding the skin and mucous membranes. Dexpanthenol is also used in cosmetic and medical skin care. A well-known product is, for example,  Bepanthen®.

    Dexpanthenol belongs to the provitamins and gets transformed in the body into pantothenic acid.  Pantothenic acid is a part of the coenyzm A and therefore plays a significant role in the skin metabolism. Dexpanthenol is well absorbed by the skin and accumulates at the site of use. It has several nurturing effects and improves the elasticity of the skin. The active ingredients support the formation of new skin cells and contributes the regeneration at the same. Furthermore Dexpanthenol has anti-itching, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects.

    All in One! Elixier with dexpanthenol nourishes and protects the sensitive mucous membranes of fish and heals smaller injuries such as those that may occur during transport, repositioning or territorial fights. But even shrimps benefit from the nurturing effects. In particular, the sensitive moulting process of the animals is supported.



    The element iodine is an indispensable component of the animal and human organism.
    It is needed for the production of the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. The thyroid gland is a major hormone gland central. Thyroid hormones perform essential functions in the regulation of metabolic processes in almost every cell of the body. They can only be formed if enough iodine is present.
    In the first step, iodine deficiency leads to an enlargement of the thyroid gland, which in humans is known as goitering. Pronounced iodine deficiency results in hypofunction of the thyroid causing severe metabolic and developmental disorders.

    Fish also need iodine. And iodine deficiency also manifests itself in fish in a pathological enlargement of the thyroid gland. Fish can absorb iodine from food and gills from the water. Iodine is abundant in seawater, but it is in short supply in freshwater. Therefore, a regular iodine addition in freshwater aquariums makes sense.

    Shrimps, like all crustaceans, have an exoskeleton. To be able to grow, they have to shed their skin regularly throughout their lives. When the old shell becomes too tight, endocrine glands become active that initiate the moulting process. The central molting hormone is called ecdysone. Iodine is also needed for this process.

    All in one! Elixir supplies fish and shrimp with essential iodine and effectively prevents an undersupply and iodine deficiency-related diseases.




    Bacteria play a crucial role in the biological balance in the aquarium. These invisible little helpers are the ones who are constantly eliminating fish waste, pollutants, dead plant parts and food residues. Every type of bacteria is specialized in certain substances.
    The waste materials are enzymatically decomposed, mineralized, and thus converted back into plant-available nutrients - a biological cycle. The function of the cleaning bacteria present in the aquarium can not be valued high enough. Without these powerful micro-workers, an aquarium can not work.

    Most bacteria do not swim in free water, but settle on surfaces.
    To attach, they excrete mucilage (polysaccharides). In this mucus matrix complex communities of many different bacterial species form. Each has its defined tasks. This so-called biofilm covers all surfaces in the aquarium: filter material, plants, soil, stones, roots and the aquarium glass – those surfaces therefore feel slippery.
    The biofilm can be up to a millimeter thick. It even has an internal structure and organization. Special water channels and pores supply nutrients and eliminate metabolic end products. The biofilm cleans the water not only biologically, but also mechanically. Clay particles and other small mineral particles, which can tarnish the water, stick to the sticky mucus layer and are thus removed from the water. 

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