Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya'

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Cryptocoryne undulatus

Plant information 
Category: Easy light plant
Type: Rosulate
Origin: Asia
Growth rate: Growth rate of the plant compared to other aquatic plants.
Height: 20 to 30 cm after 2 months in the tank
Light demand: Easy light demand of an aquarium plant up to 0,5 W/L
Need injection of CO2: No co2 injection required
CO2 : A medium plant need in CO2 is 6-15 mg/L. 


Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya'is one of the many naturally occurring variations in this species.  'Mi Oya' is a variety that has been well established in the aquarium trade because of its beautiful color and vigorous growth. This is a Cryptocoryne that will grow equally well as an aquarium plant or as a terrarium plant, though it is when used under water that its color really shines. "Red Wendtii", as it is more commonly known, is one of the most popular varieties of Cryptocoryne in the aquarium trade.  It is a great plant for the beginner, as it will tolerate almost any aquarium conditions from low to high light and grows easily without supplemental CO2. However, it should be noted that this is a plant that can look very different, depending on the conditions in any particular aquarium.   Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya' will thrive and show its best color and robust size under medium light with regular fertilizer applications.  In lower light and less fertilization, the plant will adjust and remain much smaller, but still attractive.

Color of drop checker
Blue: CO2 under 20 mg/L
Geen: CO2 at 30 mg/L
Yellow: CO2 at 40 mg/L

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