Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser Extend

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Common Features of all new Neo Diffuser

  1. Finest bubbles in the world
         2. PC pipe, stronger than acrylic 
3. Chamfer for convenience
               4. Optimal ratio and beautiful design

Product size

Diameter 8 mm
~ 50liter tank

Diameter 12 mm
~ 100liter tank

Diameter 17 mm
100~200liter tank

Diameter 24 mm
200liter tank~


Curved Type

Components: 2 suction cups


Common precaution

※ For finer bubbles, put it in water for 10 minute before use.
※ If the bubble become bigger, put diffuser in bleach for 5 minute. After that, remove the bleach and use it.
※ Keep out of reach of children and pet.

How to bend for extend type

1. Insert rubber cord into the pipe
2. Heat by turning the pipe to the width of 1 ~ 2cm of the bending point
3. Bend the pipe as you like against the top of tank
4. Remove the rubber after 20 seconds setting

Precaution for extend type

※ Be careful of fire or burns during bending
※ Heating the fire to only one point can cause incomplete results
※ Once bended or heated, there is no return or compensation.
※ If the pipe is deformed once, it may be damaged by applying force or reheating.

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