About us

Recreate a natural environment, in an aquarium, is a passion, an art, and especially a relaxing activity. The idea of ​​starting a business stems from a passion: aquariums and filling a need. The need at the time was to find a fertilizer easy to use, quality and complete. So, Sousleau decided to test NilocG Aquatic's Thrive fertilizer. Following his tests, he said to himself: why not give this product to other consumers?

The name Sousleau was chosen because it combines two words from the definition of the aquarium: "an activity that involves taking care of animals and aquatic plants in an aquarium by highlighting the aesthetic aspect of a aquatic environment". The name combines the word aquarium and landscape that refers to the aesthetic aspect of an aquatic environment.


Sousleau's vision is to become a pivot and a leader for the exceptional products, qualities, innovative designs and niche surrounding the aquarium and allied fields.


Sousleau's mission is to offer niche products that meet a specific need while standing out from the competition.


  • Become a leader in consumer goods for aquarists

  • Find, promote and sell niche products

  • Establish new e-commerce summit