About us

About us

Sousleau aquarium is an online store specializing in the sale of aquatic plants for aquariums and all other related aquascaping products.

We are the largest selection of aquarium plants available under the same address at the same time. Our main supplier, Dennerle plants, is the leader in Europe and we are proud to be the only authorized dealer in Quebec. Dennerle Plants has 8 green houses, and since 2020 has had the most modern and technologically advanced shipping section.

Dennerle Plants stands out from the competition with a catalog of 50 in-vitro plants and more than 100 potted plants. In addition, it offers rare varieties, limited editions, exclusive designs and more.

Sousleau aquarium

The name Sousleau means « underwater » in French and was chosen because it combines two words from the definition of the aquarium: "an activity that involves taking care of animals and aquatic plants in an aquarium by highlighting the aesthetic aspect of a aquatic environment". The name combines the word aquarium and landscape that refers to the aesthetic aspect of an aquatic environment. 

So, a "souslaquarium" would refer to an underwater aquarium, or an aquarium that allows you to observe aquatic life in a contained environment as if you were underwater.


Sousleau vision is to become a pivot and a leader for the exceptional products, qualities, innovative designs and niche surrounding the aquarium and allied fields.


Sousleau mission is to offer niche products that meet a specific need while standing out from the competition.


  • Become a leader in consumer goods for aquarists

  • Find, promote and sell niche products

  • Establish new e-commerce summit

Store location

Sousleau is an 100% online store only. We are based from Mirabel, J7J 2E7, Quebec, Canada.

You can reach us by phone: 819-448-4337 and by email at sales@sousleau.ca or visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Sousleauaquarium