Phllyanthus fluitans (red roots)

Phllyanthus fluitans, or better known as “Red root floaters” are a unique floating plant found throughout the lower tip of Mexico reaching as far as Chile and Bolivia. Found commonly in large clumps, this plant has the ability to thrive in different settings from stagnant water (for deep red colouration) to large round green leaves when in high flow settings. Commonly thought to be rather difficult in personal care, it is actually just a misconception. I have found that when kept in tanks with high flow, you must keep the floaters in a O-ring of sorts. This is to keep the plant from changing locations rapidly, thus giving the plant a better chance to thrive. 

  • Genus: Phllyanthus
  • Species: fluitans
  • Family: Euphorbiacae
  • Native to: Neotropical zone of mexico to upper half of south america.
  • Area/Height: Water surface
  • Ph: 5 to 7 
  • Water hardness: Soft water (low hard minerals) is preferred
  • CO2: None require as they consume atmospheric CO2
  • Propagation: Fragmentation/Division of daughter plantlets from mother plant.


A 6500k-8000k, average photoperiod of 8-9 hours. The success for red colourations is to have a RGB full spectrum led light with a high par data sheet.


68 F - 71 F /  20 C - 22 C, the water temperature can be lower if your room is around 20-24 C (average canadian home through summer) to allow evaporation of droplets on plant surface.


Rapid when stable, Slow when constantly disturbed

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