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"If the plant is doing well, the fish is doing well!" - This simple,  but clear  statement was an important guideline of the company founder Ludwig Dennerle. The interaction between water, plants and aquarium inhabitants such as fish, shrimps and snails is an interconnected biological system.


Beautifully  growing plants supplies vital oxygen in the system, binds waste products and provides the aquarium inhabitants with hiding places and territorial boundaries. 

Plants in the aquarium are also dependent on a good supply of nutrients just as in nature. CO2, substrate and liquid fertilizer are a guarantee for  growth in a healthy aquarium.

The new Care products from Dennerle Plants covers precisely these elements and form the foundation for a beautiful biotope in the living space.

Dennerle CO2 Range 2

CO2 System

Dennerle Substrate System Range

Substrate System

Dennerle Liquid Range

Liquid Fertilizer 

CO2 carbon is one of the most important nutrients for aquatic plants. The CO2 Starter Kit is a cost-effective solution for smaller aquariums through the concept of biological yeast fermentation (Bio CO2). The CO2 Starter Refill extends the CO2 supply up to 60 days again and again. The CO2 Diffusermade of unbreakable PET material and ceramic membrane atomizes the CO2 in small bubbles, which are dispersed into the aquarium by the current and thus dissolve particularly well in the water

Substrate in the aquarium is an important source of nutrients for aquarium plants, that absorb nutrients mainly through the roots. Soil substrate consists of 100% natural raw materials and is an active sole substrate that lowers the pH value and the carbonate hardness. Soil is ready for immediate use and a layer of gravel is not necessary. Substrate is a classic long-term nutrient substrate and is always used in combination with a top layer of gravel or Soil. Power Caps are a nutrient supplement for particularly strong-growing plants with a pronounced root system. The capsules are inserted directly deep into the substrate at the base of the plant and provide it with additional iron, NPK and trace elements.

Liquid fertilizer is added directly to the water and is absorbed by the plants through the leaves. With the Liquid series, the aquarist has a choice of 2 products that can be used either independently or in combination. Liquid contains iron and trace elements and is primarily designed for aquariums with few plants and or high fish population. Liquid Plus contains the same amount of iron and trace elements as Liquid, but also contains nitrate and phosphate, as well as a higher concentration of potassium and is best suited for densely planted aquariums and aquariums with fewer fish.

The Care products from Dennerle Plants are based on years of experience and knowledge from Europe's leading aquatic plant nursery.

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