Microsorum pteropus x Kiat on cholla wood

Anubias nana ‘paxing’

  • New species of Anubias
  • Narrow leaves - green tone
  • Easy plant for beginners
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Microsorum pteropus x Kiat on cholla wood

Plant information 
Growth height: 5 - 25 cm
Ph: 5 to 9
Temperature: 20-26
Family: Java fern family
Hardness: 0 - 30 degree
Light demand: Low light demand
CO2:  Low 


Microsorum pteropus x Kiat plant is one of the most popular plants in the hobby and easy to maintain. There are several variations of this plant, several pattern of leaves which makes it a collector's plant. 

The microsorum pteropus x Kiat plant is an epiphytic plant. Epiphytic plants are plants that grow on a support and without soil, so the rhizome should not be buried. In addition, this type of plant does not like changes. So during acclimatization, you have to make sure you have the right parameters.

The microsorum pteropus x Kiat plant does not need CO2 to grow and thrive, but we suggest to have it in order to see the full potential of the plant in the long term.

Color of drop checker
Blue: CO2 under 20 mg/L
Geen: CO2 at 30 mg/L
Yellow: CO2 at 40 mg/L

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