Limnophila aromatica

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Limnophila aromatica

Plant information 
Growth height: 5 to 50 cm
Ph: 5 to 8
Temperature: 22-28
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Water hardness: 4-25 degree
Light demand: Medium to high light demand 
CO2: Medium



Also known as “rice paddy herb“, this plant is distributed widely across Southeast Asia and is very polymorphic with regards to its habitus. Under intense lighting in the aquarium, the leaflets will develop different red colour hues, depending on the nutrients available. As with all stem plants, Limnophila aromatica should be planted in larger groups.  The cascade-like arrangement of the leaflets makes for a harmonious appearance. This Asian stem plant can be particularly recommended for planting into an aquarium “Dutch”-style.

Color of drop checker
Blue: CO2 under 20 mg/L
Geen: CO2 at 30 mg/L
Yellow: CO2 at 40 mg/L

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