Korean bonsai wood #8

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Korean bonsai wood #8 

WYSWIYG: Measure 12''x7''

The korean bonsai wood is made of natural wood. Each piece is unique and recreated a natural environment for your aquarium decorations. The korean bonsai wood matches well with all types of rocks, especially with reiryu stones, and others layout materials like plants. 

In order to prepare the korean bonsai wood for your aquarium, be sure to follow these steps:

1- Clean the piece of korean bonsai wood in cold water;
2- Soak the piece of wood in cold water for 4 to 7 days

Conseil tip: Koreans bonsai wood can release tannins in the water and may take several days to sunk completely.  Gluing or hitching to a rock avoids this expectation.

Here is a list of plants that matches perfectly with the korean bonsai wood

  • Mini Taiwan moss
  • Christmas moss
  • Subwassertang
  • Fissiden Fontaus
  • Peacock Moss
  • Mini Christmas moss
  • Weeping moss
  • Rose moss
  • Bucephalandra