Bucephalandra GHOIB

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Bucephalandra GHOIB

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    Plant care

    Size: Small to medium leaves (1 to 5 cm)
    Ph: 6 to 8
    Temp: 21 to 27
    Hardness: 5kdh or above
    CO2: No need CO2
    Fertilization: Yes
    Origin from: Borneo Island
    Difficulty: Beginner



    The bucephalandra can be found under different variants and classified species. It is found mainly near the streams covering the rocks on the islands of Borneo. 

    The plant does not need any CO2 to growth, but more CO2 bucephalandra get, more fast the plant will uptake and growth new leave and new form. In order to optimize its growth, be sure to provide a mature aquarium, with good circulation and complete fertilization. It does not need intense lighting, however, under it, if you have it, it will benefit.

    The bucephalandra can grow in both forms: immerse or submerge. All bucephalandra from us have been acclimatized and sold as submerging plants.

    Since bucephalandra is a rhizomatous plant, do not bury it, otherwise the plant will die. Instead, leave the rhizome out and attach it to a piece of stainless steel mesh, a rock or a piece of wood.

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